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ZINECORE RADIO # 5 : tonight !

I am very excited to announce that tonight is the fifth episode of zinecore radio. it is 60 min ...the guests are [and will be on the show in the following order]:

Fawne DeRosia: Fawne does the zine Four Star Day Dream and is a visual artist to check out. Her work is truly beautiful and I am so so honored to have her on the show. She is an incredible creative woman. http://www.momentofstars.net/

Sage Adderley: Through good times and bad Sage has held strong as one of the best zine distro owners in the fucking universe. She runs Sweet Candy Distro and the soon to close Sweet Candy Library. Her zines include Tattooed Memoirs, Marked For Life, Eye Candy (which both Fawne and myself have contributed too in the past)...xoxoxoxo

Jenny Devil Doll: Jenny is a fucking punk rock comic artist and singer. Her work is dark, humerous, and unlike anything you have ever seen before. She will be calling in talking about her comic zine Too Negative. I will also have the honor to play some just released tracks from her new punk band Rubber Room Rats.

Check it out TONIGHT 9pm EST


INTERVIEWS WITH JOLIE NOGGLE & NOMY LAMM!!! hear us talk about zines and the original olympia RIOT GRRRL scene!


ALSO!! a surprise call from Andrew Shearer of Gonzoriffic! yay!


WEDNESDAY [16th] @ 3pm EST

With Special Guests: NOMY LAMM + JOLIE DRAMA!


if you have any announcements for this show {submission calls, events coming up, etc} lemme know !! also, if you would like to be a guest please don't hesitate to get it touch!


ZINECORE 3: Hear it now!

check it out!!!!!




zinecore radio 3: tomorrow night!!



Andrew Shearer
Nicole Introvert
Prunella Vulgaris



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Hi Everyone,

I am so excited about this radio show and can't wait to do the third episode. That is where you come in!

Would you like to come on the show and talk about how you got into zines? What they mean to you? Do you have a project or event your dying to promote or a submission call for a comp zine?

Do you wanna come on the show and do a reading? Or maybe you have a spoken word/music recording you want to hear played?

Maybe you have a discussion topic and wanna start a round table disucssion : propose the idea and lets make it happen.

Long live DIY!


xo, Hannah

Zine Core Radio Show: Planning Episode #3

I am in the process of planning the third episode of The Zine Core Radio Show. It sucks that it's been so long since I did the second one but moving back to NH took up a lot of time.

There are a bunch of people i'd love to have on...I plan to contact them. In the meantime please get in touch if you would like to come on the show or if you have something you wanna promote....do you have a zine you need submissions for? A zine event coming up?

lemme know and ill read the announcements on the show! Or you can call in and talk about it...etc


I am aiming to do the show next week if possible.
i am sitting in my favorite cafe in Brooklyn drinking a giant iced coffee. it's raining outside, making the radio crackle. then i think of my zine radio show and get all excited.
i am wondering about how to get more people to know it is around and get involved.

what i want (chim in if you can help!)

1. a ZINE CORE RADIO logo!! this logo will go on 1 inch buttons, tee shirts, and ad's for the show!

2. people willing to distribute fliers through there distros, with sales of there cds, zines, etc and to hang up at local punk /diy settings

3. people willing to post about new episodes when they come out or spread the word in some other way..

4. zinesters and artists who wanna be on the show! or chim in and tell me who you;d like to HEAR on the show and i could try and get in touch with them

5. zine /indie publishing discussion topics that can be on the show in round table format amongst a group of zinesters....

or anything else you wanna propose that i may be forgetting!

get in touch

zinecoreradio@gmail.com !!!!!!

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Yay! I present the second episode of The Zine Core Radio show. Hear announcements/music/spoken word + interviews with:

***Melissa Ann (She's So Very... and lead singer of Jerk Alert!)

++++Alex Wrekk (Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Brainscan)

+++Sassafras Lowery (Long time zinester/distro owner & author of two upcoming books.
GSA to Marriage: Stories of a Life Lived Queerly and
KICKED OUT an anthology which is bringing together the voices of current and former LGBTQ youth from around the world who were forced to leave home as a result of their sexuality and/or gender identity.

Check out the show! It's 60 minutes. xoxo